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Our Information & Assistance Specialist offer free and confidential services!

Information and Assistance Specialists

Our Information and Assistance Specialists are knowledgeable about a wide variety of programs and services available to help meet the needs of older adults, adults living with physical or intellectual disabilities and their families/caregivers. Together, they will assist you in exploring possibilities, reviewing available resources and offering guidance to enable you to make your own choices for living a rewarding and meaningful life, now and in the future.

Our Information & Assistance Specialists are available by phone and appointment in our office or your home. We listen to you and your unique situation, focusing on identifying needs, preferences and support.

Are you looking for help with housekeeping, in-home care and support, bathing, yard work, transportation or housing? All those things that help you stay independent and living where you want to live? We are here to connect you with the services and resources that can help you live well and independently!

To schedule an appointment to talk to an Information & Assistance Specialist, please call (920) 746-2372 or email us at