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What is an Elderly Benefit Specialist?

Mary Elder Benefit SpecialistOur Elderly Benefit Specialist is a person trained to assist older adults who are having a problem with their private or governmental benefits. They are often called “red tape cutters” because they are experts at helping older adults with the extensive and complicated paperwork that is often required to access their benefit programs. They help older adults figure out what benefits they are entitled to and tell them what they must do to receive them.

Our Elderly Benefit Specialist receives ongoing training and is supervised by attorneys knowledgeable in elder law. The attorneys are also available to assist older adults in need of legal representation on benefit matters.

Who should seek support from our Elderly Benefit Specialist?

Anyone 60 years of age or older who is having a problem in securing a public or private benefit, who wants to know more about private or public benefits, who is seeking assistance in organizing the paperwork required to apply for benefits or who have been denied a benefit that they think they are entitled to receive.

What Elderly Benefit Specialists can do?

  • Provide accurate and current information on your benefits
  • Suggest alternative actions to secure benefits or appeal denials of benefits
  • Advocate on your behalf with other parties
  • Explain legal action or other possible solutions
  • Refer you to an appropriate attorney when necessary

Our Elderly Benefit Specialist can help you with a variety of programs and issues, including:

Health Insurance

  • Medical Assistance or Medicaid
  • Medicare A, B, C and D
  • SeniorCare
  • BadgerCare+ (eligibility, denial or reduction in benefits)
  • Extra Help with prescription drug costs
  • Medicare Supplemental Insurance Coverage
  • Other Health Insurance Coverage Issues
  • Long-Term Care Insurance Coverage Issues

Income Support

  • FoodShare
  • Social Security
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and State Supplement
  • SSI Disability
  • SSI Exceptional Expense Supplement
  • Social Security/SSI Overpayment Issues
  • Railroad Retirement Benefits

Commonly Asked Questions & Concerns – The Benefit Specialist Can Help!

  • Do I have to repay a Social Security or SSI overpayment if it was not my fault?
  • Will Medicare or Medical Assistance cover my nursing home stay?
  • How will I pay all of my medical bills?
  • I have been denied SSI or Social Security Disability benefits. What can I do?
  • Medicare denied my claim for a certain service. Can anything be done?
  • Are there any new or recent changes in programs available to me?
  • Do I qualify for subsidized housing?
  • I have supplemental insurance but I am getting bills from the clinic. What do I do?
  • I can’t afford my medications. Who can help?
  • Someone called about insurance…Do I need it?
  • I’m turning 65. What do I need to do?
  • I think I’ve been ripped off. Who do I turn to for help?

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