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Recreation for Individuals with Disabilities through Exercise (R.I.D.E.)

The goal of the R.I.D.E. (Recreation for Individuals with Disabilities through Exercise) is to serve adults with disabilities ages 18+by providing them with a guided exercise program. The exercise program will include components that improve aerobic fitness, strength, balance and flexibility. Research shows that exercise is a key factor in improving health for people with disabilities. Participants could expect health benefits in aerobic fitness, muscular strength, improved performance in activities of daily living and higher psychosocial health.

Programming for participants will be created by an exercise physiologist. Program content will be based on initial screening and group interests. Participants will receive group instruction, support and encouragement from program staff that helps foster a positive exercise environment. The R.I.D.E. program is a collaborative effort brought to the community by Door County Medical Center, the Aging & Disability Resource Center and the Sunshine House. This program is a part of Bridges to Health.

Program Goals:

  1. Provide individuals with disabilities with a guided group exercise program that assists in the development and improvement of their fitness.
  2. Provide individuals with disabilities the opportunity for safe exercise in a social and relaxed environment.
  3. Develop movement skills that can be used to improve function in everyday life.
  4. Introduce exercise to individuals with disabilities in order to help improve long term health and to show them that their disability does not limit them from participating in physical activity.
  5. Provide Door County and the surrounding community with an opportunity to enhance and emphasis the importance of physical activity for individuals with disabilities.