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BE! Brain Enrichment Program

BE! Brain Enrichment: is an interactive educational experience for adults with normal age-related memory changes. Research shows that continued participation in mentally stimulating activities throughout the lifespan can help slow cognitive decline and has the potential to reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. In eight to ten, 60-90 minute interactive sessions participants:

  • Learn about the brain’s processes of attention, working memory, long-term memory, reasoning and problem solving
  • Participate in mental exercises to engage and stimulate the brain
  • Learn about lifestyle practices for maintaining brain health
  • Practice strategies for improving thinking and memory

One goal of this program is for participants’ learning to transfer to tasks of daily living such as attention, word-finding, remembering names and planning.

“Dr. Sasser’s Brain Enrichment course was a perfect fit to respond to requests from our aging population for education to promote brain health. The course filled almost immediately upon announcement, and generated a lengthy wait list. Upon completion of the 10-week course, participants said what an outstanding class and it made them realize they can do something to improve their memory, and recommend we offer it again.” – Barb M., coordinator, and Dave D., facilitator, Green Bay, WI