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Aging Mastery Program (AMP)

Aging Mastery Program

What is AMP?

The Aging Mastery Program (AMP) is a comprehensive and fun approach to living that celebrates the gift of longevity. Central to the Aging Mastery philosophy is the belief that modest lifestyle changes can produce big results and that people can be empowered to cultivate health and longevity.

The Aging Mastery Program’s goal is to change societal expectations about the roles and responsibilities of baby boomers and older adults and to create fun and easy-to-follow pathways for getting more out of life.

Equally important, the program encourages mastery—developing sustainable behaviors across many dimensions that will lead to improved health, stronger financial security, enhanced well-being, and increased connectedness to communities. The path to mastery is entirely individual. Individuals set their own goals and create their own pathways to these goals, opening the door to autonomy and purpose in the process.

The AMP core curriculum covers 10 topics. The classroom experience is a mix of didactic and interactive learning with an emphasis on peer-to-peer interaction. When they graduate from AMP, participants have set goals for positive actions in many aspects of their lives such as exercise, nutrition, finances, advance care planning, community engagement, and healthy relationships. Download the program overview.

Why is Aging Mastery Important?

Life expectancy has increased dramatically over the past 50 years, yet societal expectations of older adults have changed little. Also, people are generally unprepared for this increased longevity. Aging Mastery guides individuals through this phase of life. The suite of products incorporates evidence-informed materials with inspiration and small nudges to give people the skills and tools they need to achieve measurable improvements in managing their health, remaining economically secure, and contributing actively in society. All materials and resources align with the goal of helping people enjoy self-sufficient lives.