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What is ADRC @ Home?

The purpose of this initiative is to provide opportunities for you to participate in more activities and programs from the comfort of your own home and to stay connected to one another.

Why are we doing this program now?

While there had always been discussion of launching a “ADRC @ Home” project, the current situation surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic in Door County has shown the need to support another way for our consumers to connect with each other. 

One of the goals of this project is to reduce the number of individuals suffering from social isolation or loneliness. A report done by National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine with the support of the AARP foundation found that: “Nearly one quarter of Americans aged 65 and older who live in community settings are socially isolated, meaning they have few social relationships or infrequent social contact. A significant proportion of adults in the United States (35 percent of adults 45 and older, and 43 percent of adults aged 60 or older) report feeling lonely—different from social isolation, loneliness is a subjective feeling of being isolated.”

 At the ADRC we strive to support social relationships that ensures that our consumers feel connect to family, friends and the community. It is our hope that the “ADRC @ Home” project will allow consumers to connect during this unpresented time, while also providing an option homebound consumer to become more connected to the community. We strongly encourage your participation in the “ADRC @ Home” programs and activities to help us build a more connected community here in Door County. 

To learn more about social isolation click on the link here.

Resource Guide: Resource Guide – Connect while Social Distancing

Class List

Below is the course list of different programs the “ADRC @ Home” is supporting or will work to help connect you with. If you are concerned about using the platform to join the program, please scroll down for step by step instructions on any of the platforms.

Class Name/ ActivityCourse InstructorWhen is the class?How do I sign up?Virtual Platform
Zumba GoldMartha BennettMondays and Thursdays at 11amEmail: to sign upZoom
Zumba GoldChandra JohnsonWednesdays and Fridays at 11amEmail: to sign upZoom
Strong Women Strong BonesState-Wide Virtual ClassMonday/Wednesdays
9:00am -10:00 am
Call: 746-7153 to registerZoom
Walking ClubNicki ScharrigWednesdays
10:00 am
Call: 746-7153Outdoors

Directions on Virtual Platforms

The devices that will support your participation in a class are: iphones, ipads, computers, laptop, and tablets. If possible, we recommend having your device fully charged or plug in your device as you are doing and activity or program as we have found some of the virtual platforms drain the battery on your device quickly. 

For more technology support check out the resources below:

Savory Soup Favorites

Check out these delicious recipes provided by UW-Green Bay Dietetic Intern Elena Garcia. Reduce sodium and enjoy making savory soups at home.